Inspiring change
A new direction
is not just
to imagine it,
but to follow it
Exploring what is around you
Let’s explore the culture and the identity of the organisation together, to appreciate each nuance and trace the path for change. Everyone who is involved will share the experience, widening their perspectives and spreading new points of view through the organisation.
What tools?
Focus groups
Experiencing the change
One fact is worth much more than many words. This is why we set up laboratories together with the people involved, so that they can experience and share the change. New behavioural patterns and skills are experienced as hard facts and new ways of doing things on an everyday basis.
What tools?
Experience in metaphor
This format allows you to experience real situations outside the business context and then reapply them to real-life, operational circumstances.
This process allows people to share their experiences more easily with a group of colleagues. The format aims at reducing the sense of isolation by encouraging knowledge transfer.
Experience workshops
These are traditional activities such as Role Play, Workshops and Team Building treated with a more contemporary and functional approach.
This activity supports individuals and teams through a pool of certified consultants, highly experienced, also at an international level.
Taking new roads
If a systemic change is to be permanent it requires willpower and sharing. This is why we encourage the key players to keep moving ahead. We develop new practices by involving everyone, from those sponsoring the project to those who live it out daily, leveraging constant and mutual stimulation.
What tools?
World Cafe and ProAction Cafe
World Cafe and Pro Action Cafe are two formats that activate collective intelligence through informal yet structured conversations. Small groups of people interact to acquire new awareness and new energy to reach their objectives.
Open Space Technologies
A non-conference where participants decide what’s on the agenda. This format enables everyone to join the discussion, enhancing it with ideas, considerations and questions.
Internal Communication
Innovation requires careful, competent and structured communication. We help companies to bring new concepts and practices to life within their own community, facilitating engagement and consensus.